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Your Ultimate Guide to free survival stuff

Jun 28, 2024 | by N Johansson

free survival stuff

Prep Like a Pro: Your Ultimate Guide to Free Survival Stuff


Imagine a world where survival gear just falls from the sky into your lap, free of charge, like manna from heaven. Ah, if only! The reality is, in the world of “free” survival gear, there’s always a catch. Whether it’s paying for shipping, navigating spammy websites, or ending up with flimsy, unreliable tools, the dream of truly free survival stuff is, well, just that—a dream. But fear not, fellow adventurers and thrifty preppers! Instead of wasting time chasing elusive freebies, let’s dive into some DIY projects that will keep you prepared without breaking the bank or your sanity.

The Free Survival Stuff Mirage

The Hidden Costs

So, you found a website promising free survival stuff. All you need to do is pay for shipping. Sounds like a deal, right? Until you realize the shipping cost is equivalent to a gourmet meal at a five-star restaurant. Not exactly the bargain you were hoping for.

The Quality Conundrum

Ever received a “free” item that turned out to be as durable as a soggy paper towel? You’re not alone. Many of these so-called freebies are made from the cheapest materials imaginable. Sure, it’s free, but it might not survive a light breeze, let alone an emergency.

Spam, Scams, and Shenanigans

Navigating the internet for free gear can feel like tiptoeing through a minefield. Spammy emails, sketchy websites, and too-good-to-be-true offers abound. Before you know it, you’re unsubscribing from a hundred newsletters and changing your email address just to escape the madness.

The DIY Solution: Real, Reliable, and Actually Free

Why waste your time on dubious deals when you can craft your own survival gear with stuff you probably already have at home? Here are ten DIY projects that are not only practical but also a fun way to prepare for the unexpected.

diy water filtration

1. DIY Water Filtration System

  • Materials: Plastic bottle, sand, charcoal, gravel, coffee filter or cloth
  • Instructions: Cut the bottom off a plastic bottle. Layer it with a coffee filter or cloth, charcoal, sand, and gravel. Pour water through the top and collect the filtered water at the bottom. Congratulations, you’ve just turned trash into a treasure trove of hydration!
diy fire starter

2. Homemade Fire Starter

  • Materials: Cotton balls, petroleum jelly, small plastic container
  • Instructions: Soak cotton balls in petroleum jelly and store them in a small container. When needed, pull apart a cotton ball and light it with a spark or match. It’ll burn long enough to start a fire, even if your survival situation is as wet as a waterpark.
diy fishing

3. DIY Fishing Kit

  • Materials: Paper clips, string, small container
  • Instructions: Bend paper clips into fish hooks. Use strong string or dental floss as fishing line. Store the hooks and line in a small container. Voila! You’re ready to catch dinner without spending a dime.
diy compass

4. Improvised Compass

  • Materials: Sewing needle, magnet (or silk cloth), small piece of cork, bowl of water
  • Instructions: Magnetize a sewing needle by rubbing it against a magnet or silk cloth. Push the needle through a small piece of cork and float it in a bowl of water. Watch in amazement as your DIY compass points north, guiding you like a budget-friendly GPS.
diy can stove

5. Tin Can Stove

  • Materials: Tin can, can opener, small pieces of wood or fuel
  • Instructions: Use a can opener to cut a small opening near the bottom of the can. Place small pieces of wood inside and light it. Use the top of the can as a cooking surface. You’ve just made a stove that’s hot stuff without costing you a cent.
makeshift shelter

6. Makeshift Shelter

  • Materials: Trash bags, duct tape, rope
  • Instructions: Use large trash bags to create a waterproof layer. Tape them together using duct tape. Use rope to tie the structure between two trees or poles. Who needs a tent when you can whip up a trash bag palace?
emergency whistle

7. Emergency Whistle

  • Materials: Tin can lid, pliers, nail
  • Instructions: Use pliers to fold a tin can lid in half, creating a crease. Poke a hole near the folded edge with a nail. Blow through the hole to create a loud whistling sound. It’s like calling for help with a DIY trumpet.
signal mirror diy

8. DIY Signal Mirror

  • Materials: Compact mirror or any reflective surface, cardboard, tape
  • Instructions: Use a small mirror or any reflective surface. Cut a small hole in the center of a piece of cardboard and tape the mirror to the back of the cardboard, aligning the hole with the center of the mirror. This can be used to signal for help by reflecting sunlight to catch the attention of rescuers.
braiding rope

9. Homemade Rope

  • Materials: Plastic bags, scissors
  • Instructions: Cut plastic bags into long strips. Braid or twist the strips together to create a strong rope. This DIY rope is perfect for securing gear, building shelters, or making a statement at the next survivalist fashion show.
diy first aid kit

10. Improvised First Aid Kit

  • Materials: Small container, basic medical supplies (bandages, antiseptic wipes, pain relievers, etc.)
  • Instructions: Gather essential medical supplies and store them in a small container. Make sure you have items for wound care, pain relief, and other basic needs. This kit will be a lifesaver when minor injuries occur.


The quest for free survival stuff can be as elusive as Bigfoot riding a unicorn. Instead of falling for dubious deals and subpar products, roll up your sleeves and craft your own reliable tools. These DIY projects are fun, practical, and genuinely cost-effective. So, next time you see a “free survival gear” offer that looks too good to be true, remember: you’ve got the skills to make your own gear, and it’s way more satisfying. Stay prepared, stay crafty, and most importantly, stay thrifty!