A person wearing a survival kit in a forested area

Are you ready when it happens?

In moments of crisis, we don't rise to the occasion—we fall to our level of preparedness. At PREP, we understand that emergencies don't send a warning. From the unpredictable weather to the unforeseen events, the Scandinavian spirit of resilience has always been about being one step ahead. That's why we created PREPC—your ultimate companion in preparedness, ensuring that when push comes to shove, you're not just surviving; you're thriving.

A bright red, irregularly shaped blobThe front view of a survival kit

Crafted with Scandinavian

ethos of efficiency and reliability, the PREPC is a testament to our commitment to emergency readiness. Weighing less than a kilogram, this compact case is a powerhouse of preparedness, containing 248 meticulously selected articles. From the smallest inconvenience to the most critical emergencies, the PREPC ensures you have everything you need, wherever you are—be it in your car, at home, or on a wilderness adventure.

An open survival kit showing its contents

PREPC is not just a product;

it's a promise — a promise of safety, security, and peace of mind. Designed for the dynamic Scandinavian lifestyle, it's for the households that cherish their peace, the adventurers who seek the unknown, and everyone who believes in the power of preparedness. With PREPC, you're not just prepared for emergencies; you're equipped for life's every adventure.


A survival kit next to a fire extinguisher, placed on a wooden floor in an indoor setting

In Your Home

From power outages to unexpected injuries, the PREPC ensures your home is a fortress of safety and preparedness. Compact yet comprehensive, it's the peace of mind every household deserves.

A survival kit inside the open glove compartment of a car

In Your Car

Road trips or daily commutes, the PREPC turns your car into a mobile safety hub. Whether it's a flat tire or a first aid necessity, you're always a step ahead

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Out on Adventure

Embrace the wild with confidence. The PREPC is your silent guardian in the great outdoors, ensuring you're prepared for any twist your adventure takes.

An open survival kit showing its content, placed next to a fallen tree in a forested area

Everyday Preparedness

Life is unpredictable, but with the PREPC, you're always equipped. It's the ultimate companion for the everyday hero, ready for whatever the day may bring